Saving A Hero’s Place, Inc. was formed through tragedy.  In 2013, I was contacted by another Police Officer to build a chair similar to several chairs that were placed at another sub station years back.  This chair would be in honor of a San Antonio Police Officer who died in the performance of his duty.  The chair was built March 2013 and placed at the sub station where the officer worked.  The following month, on April 18, 2013, MIT Police Officer Sean Collier was killed in the line of duty by the Boston bombers.  Officer Sean Collier was sitting in his patrol vehicle serving his community.  Unable to sleep for weeks, I knew something needed to be done for this officer.  I immediately got with my wife Robbie Capell and two fellow officers.  I advised them that I wanted to build an Honor Chair for Officer Collier.  The MIT Police Department was contacted and welcomed the idea of an Honor Chair.  After quickly raising money from the community, friends, and family, The four of us traveled by vehicle over 2,000 miles to deliver the honor chair.  Officer Sean Colliers honor chair was presented on May 28, 2013.  The emotions that came with this honor chair, and seeing what the chair meant to the MIT Police department, made us all realize we were not done. 

Losing an academy classmate in the line of duty just two months after we graduated gives us the passion to honor our fallen brothers and sisters.  The first four years of our career, came with the loss of a fellow officer in the line of duty.  We understand the loss and we want our brothers and sisters who have been killed in the line of duty to always be remembered.  The thin blue line does not know boundaries or badge designs.  We believe no matter the agency and no matter the distance, we can honor our fallen.

Thank you to all of our supporters.

Tommy Capell

Executive Director