End of Watch does not mean the End of a Legacy

The Saving A Hero’s Place Guardian Angel Membership is one of the key programs that keeps our organization going.

What do you get for becoming a member? You get to be the reason our Nation’s Fallen Heroes are not forgotten. You get to become part of something that matters to the fellow comrades and survivors left behind. Join the over 190 members and help us save the place of our Fallen Heroes. Their watch has ended, but their legacy does not have to. The Honor Chair is not only for our brothers and sisters who knew them, it’s for the new warriors who come in. They are the ones who need to keep the Legacy alive. It is also to show the survivors that their loved one is not going to lose their place within the department.

Becoming a Guardian Angel Member is easy! Click Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually to setup recurring donations.

Monthly = $3.00 or more.

Quarterly=$10.00 or more.

Annually=$150 or more.

Once you join, you will receive a personal email from Lindsey Capell, Admin Assistant or Robbie Capell, VP of Operations with more information. You will also get a welcome packet containing SHP Swag. Once you become a Lifetime Member, ($1,000 total donations) you will receive a LifetimeMember Duffle Bag!

Existing Guardian Angel Members who wish to edit their recurring donation can do so by Clicking Here.

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This is the truest mission I’ve ever supported

I’ve been a LEO for almost 19 years. This is the Truest mission I’ve ever supported. Thank you to all of the new members and thank you to everyone who donates. SHP is doing honorable work that I’m proud to be behind.

– Robert Busche

Current Lifetime members:

Bruce Richard | Rachel Henning | Braxton Lee | Rocio Antillon | Carl & Sandra Spriegel | Dick & Leslie Brock | Bruce & Emily Langworthy | Darrell & Diana Volz | Steve & Lynnette Lopez | Marcos Garza | Kristi Marley | Michelle Williams | Dirk & Ann Dinkheller | Mike Parker | Karen Linder | Mark Malesky | Eleanor & Tom Smith | Nick Daugherty | Niki Robinson | Lary & Jennifer Schones | Tessa Cooke | Bobby Howard | Crystal Torres | Melissa Kocian | Michelle Crutchfield | James Glowacki |