End of Watch does not mean the End of a Legacy

video is Iowa State Patrol on-location chair build.

Below you will see the Honor Chair request form. Please complete the form and click on submit. This will help us with designing the honor chair. Once submitted, please send a badge and any challenge coins you would like us to inlay into the chair. Two coins are best so that we can display each side.
*Please read important information below.

We run strickly off donations. Average cost for us to complete an honor chair from start to finish, is $2,500. This helps cover material costs all the way through travel expenses for us to build/present the chair. Many departments locate a sponsor to cover the chair costs. When this is the case, the sponsor will receive a custom-made Saving A Hero’s Place metal badge. Some choose to fundraise throughout the department. If you cannot raise the funds, or locate a sponsor, please let us know. We will still build an honor chair for you. If we are building more than one chair for a single department, sponsorship only increases by $500 per additional chair. If no sponsor is obtained, we will continue to fundraise and the completion date for the chair is based on our current budget. Chairs that are fully funded(sponsored), are normally built and presented much faster due to less budget issues.

The only requirements for an honor chair are (1) It is a line of duty incident. (2) The department is aware and has space for the chair to be placed. At this time, we only build chairs for line of duty deaths, and we only present them to the agency where the hero worked. They are meant to save their place within the department.

Please mail any Badges, coins, etc… to:

Saving A Hero’s Place, Inc.

P.O. Box 700430

San Antonio, Tx 78270


*We appreciate an extra coin and patch for each chair for our collection

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions while filling out chair request form.


Contact us about having your department and/or family participate in building the honor chair. Having co-workers and family participate in the building of an honor chair is something they will never forget and makes the chair even more meaningful. Place a note in the comments “interested in participating in the build” if you would like us to contact you with more information.

Please complete the form below as accurately as possible to help us with the design of the chair. We want to make sure our design is exactly how you would like the chair. Consider punctuation when filling the out the form.