SHP supporters are the backbone of our organization. 

Without their generosity, we would not be able to achieve our mission to honor fallen Heroes.  We are forever grateful!

We would like to recognize our Lifetime members!

Personal Lifetime Membership – $1,000

    • Rachel Henning
    • Bruce Richard
    • Braxton Lee
    • Rocio Antillon
    • Carl & Sandra Spriegel
    • Dick & Leslie Brock
    • Bruce & Emily Langworthy
    • Edward & Karen Lindner
    • Mark Malesky
    • Tom & Eleanor Smith
    • Nick Daugherty
    • David & Tessa Cooke
    • Darrell & Diana Volz
    • Steve & Lynnette Lopez
    • Bobby Howard
    • Marcos Garza
    • Kristi Marley
    • Neal & Kristin Allen


We also have members who setup automatic recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual donations.  As with our lifetime members, we recognize these supporters as “SHP Guardian Angels”.  Once a Guardian Angel, you are added to a private Facebook page and are given discount codes and other exclusive merchandise.

Setting up a recurring monthly/quarterly/annual payments is easy using the DONATE PAGE.  Once you setup recurring payments, you will receive an email that will include a link to our member only page.

All Members receive special items and discounts as part of their commitment to supporting Saving A Hero’s Place.  If you’re interested in becoming a member and would like more information, send an email to: .

To sign up today, click donate and select recurring donations.