Thank you for coming to our Fallen Hero Envelope Challenge. Our goal is to sell every envelope in honor of a fallen hero who has made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Each year, we rely on our annual gala fundraiser to get us through the following year. Months of planning leading up to our gala, means less honor chairs that we are able to build in memory of our Nation’s Fallen Heroes. If we can sell all 500 Envelopes, we will be able to spend more time building honor chairs, and less time preparing for a gala. In addition, our gala would change to more of an appreciation night, instead of a night that depends on donations.

Please consider purchasing an envelope or multiple envelopes and help
us continue to honor our fallen.

You will receive an envelope in the mail once purchased. Some pre-selected envelopes will contain a prize such as a gift card, certificate for SHP merchandise, or a certificate for something built out of scrap Honor Chair lumber. Others will include a handwritten thank you note from Lindsey and a decal.

Click the Envelope to purchase yours!